Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Collective Group

Thank you for the information posted. I will await to hear from those that have insight to what has been written in the Mission Statment for The Collective Group.


Mission Statement!

Workers and Affiliates Mentoring Program
Mission Statement

1. Mentors. The Collective Group will seek out mentors worldwide, that are admired, with an attitude of selflessness, and a zeal for the future of life eternal, while being of good cheer in this temporal life they now live, with an abundant spirit of giving, (Time-Talent-Treasure). These special mentors, called “God’s Special Work Force of the World”, will join this cause super naturally, as they were ordained to do, before the foundation of the world for the finishing of the work. The Collective Group will learn from these mentors and model their behavior of like mindedness, after such mentors in thought and actions as these mentors will learn from this Collective Group of people and be given wisdom for all to learn and discern. WEB 2.0’s intelligence will connect The Group to begin the process and will grow in expediential understanding. Only those called will be given the wisdom to understand the messages in their most simplest of formants, while lives and destiny’s will be interwoven globally, for the eternal good of those touched by the understanding of this super natural media of intelligence, through written and verbal conversation called networking.

2. Hone Your Skills. Determine that the most important skill necessary to your success in The Collective Group is the winning of souls for Eternity. No matter what your life’s endeavor may be, study and learn this vicariously, as you will be used when necessary to open important doors in the finishing of the work.

3. Know Your Calling. Master it. Know everything there is to know about your calling in the worldwide marketplace. Identify with The Collective Group interested in your field of expertise and expound your passions, feelings and frustrations, in order for the group to help you become the most proficient in your field, when called upon to help in the work ahead.

4. Discover Personal Development. Feed your mind and Spirit with positive, abundant, cheerful, limitless thinking, of ideas and content to share with the group.

5. Associate Yourself with Success. Network worldwide, or in your own backyard and meet and befriend other like-minded, ambitious and success-oriented people in your field, no matter what their beliefs may be and learn from them. Never pushing your beliefs on anyone, but letting your light of loving kindness, be an example to shine upon their lives and let God do the rest.

6. Work in Progress. This is the beginning of a group of collective intelligence that is open to anyone and any subject for all to learn and to gain a better understanding of the eventual outcome. Those who wish to enter into this realm of understanding will have the right to visit as often as they like and make as many comments and suggestions as they wish to put forth. No one will be rejected, but only The Collective Group will know who is a part of the movement or not a part of the movement.

7. Rest in the Word. All collective intelligence will be tested by the written Word as to its authenticity. No suggestions or expressed ideas will be shunned, only tested. Those in The Collective Group will be given wisdom to discern the information as to how to proceed in a loving gentle manner. Those who attack anyone’s freedom of expression should be careful not to miss its underlying understanding of the message.

8. New Beginnings. All in The Collective Group will have new beginnings as the work load heightens and are encouraged to share their experiences, good and bad as we enter into the most intense time of world history. The group is not based on any type of formal religion, and everyone has the right to choose how they wish to worship or not to worship. This is only the beginning as to how this will grow and The Collective Group welcomes the opportunity to learn from your input.

The Collective Group is asking for your input in the following areas of expertise for the overall health and wellness of the Group.

1. Viral Marketing and how the Group can best understand it
2. Blogging to the Groups overall advantage
3. TrackBacks to the Groups advantage
4. Harnessing of Collective Intelligence for the Group
5. Data – Building Blocks for WEB 2.0 applications for the Group
6. The End of Software Releases and its effects & importance on the Group
7. Lightweight Programming Models for the Group
8. Innovation in Assembly of Data for the Group
9. Software above the Level of the Device being used and the necessity of both
10. Rich User Experiences for the Group
11. Core Competencies of the Group using WEB 2.0
12. Simplicity as a rule of thumb to build and strengthen the Group